Looking after you during your stay

We remain dedicated to assisting you therefore our procedures have been updated to ensure the safety of our guests and staff alike. Please note that during a period of self-isolation, all housekeeping and non-essential maintenance visits to the property will be suspended. We will continue to attend to major maintenance/emergency issues in line with guidance

Pre Arrival

  • Our meet & greet procedures have been updated to allow for contactless check-ins
  • All apartment keys are sanitised and placed in a sealed bag prior to being provided to our guests. Lock boxes are also sanitised where applicable
  • A bottle of hand sanitiser and a packet of anti-bacterial surface cleaning wipes are provided in the apartment at check-in. Guests are recommended to wash their hands then clean any handles and other touch areas in the apartment
  • To assist ones self-quarantine process, we can offer a pre-stocked fridge upon request
  • We can provide a certified sanitized taxi service upon request
  • Request only housekeeping is an option
  • Apartments are fully stocked with cleaning products and equipment in addition to essential household supplies such as toilet paper.

Post check in

  • A¬†welcome brochure is in place providing essential information about the apartment, the locality, nearby services, food delivery, emergency contact points, and more.
  • We are committed to supporting our guests and can arrange contactless delivery of linen, groceries, cleaning supplies, basic household supplies, and other provisions during self-isolation upon request.
  • Each guest is informed of scheduled housekeeping in advance and approval is sought before entering an apartment.
  • All guests will have the option not to be present during the weekly cleaning service. Should this not be possible, guests will be required to wear a face mask for the duration of the time that a staff member is present or to remain in a room that will not be serviced.
  • Staff will wear essential PPE for the duration of the cleaning service

Deep cleans

  • A break of at least 24 hours between outgoing and incoming tenants
  • Increased servicing of common areas in blocks under our management with direct attention being paid to the front desk, banisters, door handles, lift buttons, etc
  • Sanctioned cleaning products in use with disinfectant and antibacterial properties
  • Staff are using PPE and disposable gloves during all cleans with disposable gloves and hand gel in use on a day to day basis
  • Deep cleaning of apartments has now been extended to ensure all areas/items are cleaned and sanitised with special attention paid to high touch areas such as door handles, utensils, bedside lockers, etc.
  • Used linen is carefully placed in a specific laundry bag, secured and removed from the property first
  • Apartments are kept well ventilated during the deep clean and staff use protective gear throughout the process
  • Soft furnishings are steam cleaned
  • Fresh cleaning materials used for each apartment
  • Household staff use fresh PPE for each apartment
  • Trollies and cleaning equipment such as hoovers are sanitised between apartments
  • All cleans are checked by a supervisor to ensure our enhanced hygiene standards are met and our specific checklist is strictly followed.


  • All staff have received training in relation to COVID 19, the associated signs and symptoms, and the necessary procedures should one be displaying symptoms or believe they have been in contact with someone displaying symptoms
  • We have a dedicated COVID compliance manager as part of our staff
  • Personal items are regularly sanitised such as mobile phones
  • All staff have been trained on how to safely dispose of PPE in between apartments
  • Hands are to be washed thoroughly using soap and water for at least 20 seconds after removing PPE
  • All our employees and contractors are required to adhere to social distancing requirements and attend apartments in teams of a maximum of two with PPE a necessity during such visits

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